Burning wood for heat has a terrible environmental cost

It’s a natural instinct to huddle around a wood-burning fire in this snowy weather. But burning wood as fuel is one of the worst ways to get heat. Worse than burning coal or oil.[i] As we know, trees absorb atmospheric CO2 over their lifetimes. When we burn wood, we release the CO2 accumulated over years or decades in one go, straight into the atmosphere.

Wood burning isn’t climate neutral at all. Inhaling the smoke from the fire could lead to respiratory problems, especially in young children, elderly people, and those suffering from breathing disorders.

We will need to plant more trees and have more forested areas for every bit of wood that we burn. Humanity is at the tipping point in our human-caused Climate Change effects. Let us not add one more checkbox to the number of ways in which we are polluting the environment and ruining not just our health, but endangering the lives of the generations to come.

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Are the next generations going to suffer the consequences of our actions?

We cannot continue to create buildings that generate emissions and by consequence contaminate the land as well as the people who live there. Sustainable development means efficient use of land, reduced or zero emissions and less pollution without harming the environment, which would effect future generations.

Trees and plants are the lungs of the earth.

We continue to destroy the lungs of the Earth in the name of development. Deliberately harming the earth and future generations by taking land and habitat. How does that make sense? Will we carry on using green belt and taking more from nature or will we use all of our resources more effectively including land? Since 1938 we have taken more and more land from the green belt and all the towns have spread out like a cancer.

Surely we have to use our resources more wisely, don’t we?

Will we make more effective use of previously developed land and yes also accept that tomorrow’s generation won’t all get houses with gardens and many will initially live in flats.

We may have to accept that if we can’t continue to spread out and keep taking from nature that we need to build higher rise buildings in the UK towns and look at solutions.

It really is that simple. Keep with the same policy and not build enough homes and keep spreading out, with cars parked on the streets OR build higher and build underground car parks for all cars keeping the roads clear?

Do we build energy inefficient buildings which continue to produce emissions and kill by consequence or do we build emission free buildings which are cheaper on energy and save lives?